Conference Date
24-25 November 2013
جدیدترین همایش های کشور
همایش نگار


The first conference on strategic management in Iran had been held by Iranian Strategic Management Association on 2004. From 2011 and incorporating of international professors from United States,England,Denmark,and Netherlands the conference has gained an international attitude and has been sponsored by brilliant and verified professional organizations and academic institutions. International Conference on Strategic Management is taking place annually under the planning,directing,and executing of Strategic Management Association in company with great interest of professors,researchers,and scholars in various areas of strategic management with presentation of their last achievements.
The conference includes the following parts:
  • Key speeches
  • Presenting articles
  • Holding Workshops
  • Selecting and introducing Iranian strategic management man of the year
  • Selecting and introducing Iranian research man of the year in management.
  • Selecting and introducing the best dissertation in strategic management.
  • Selecting and introducing the best book of the year in strategic management.
  • Granting national medal of strategic management to the best manager and organization
The most important sponsors are listed as follow:
  • Asian Parliamentary Assembly
  • Islamic parliament iran
  • Industrial Management Institute of Iran
  • Tabatabai University in Iran
  • Irans Oil Ministry
  • And etc
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