Conference Date
24-25 November 2013
جدیدترین همایش های کشور
همایش نگار

Congress Topic

  1. Approaches and Models of Strategic Management
  2. Globalization and Electronic Commerce: Challenges to Strategic Management
  3. Corporate Governance: Problems and Relationship between Board of Directors,the Chief Executive Officer,and Top Management
  4. Ethical Issues and Social Responsibilities
  5. Different Approaches and Models of Industry Analysis
  6. Approaches of Risk Assessment
  7. Identifying Potential Markets in Developing Nations
  8. Strategic Issues in Managing Stakeholder Relationships
  9. Approaches to Evaluating Competitive Intelligence
  10. Managing Corporate Culture for International and Global Competitive Advantages
  11. Corporate Strategy Formulation Approaches
  12. SWOT Analysis and Carrying Out Business Strategy
  13. Types of Business Competitive Strategy
  14. Types of Cooperative Strategy
  15. Portfolio Analysis Approaches and Techniques
  16. Advanced Types of Organizational Structures
  17. Situational Analysis for Strategic Planning
  18. Leadership and Strategic Management
  19. Constructing Corporate Scenarios for Generating Strategic Alternatives
  20. Managing Corporate Culture for Effective Implementation of Strategies and Policies
  21. Relationship of Management by Objectives and Strategic Management
  22. Relationship of Total Quality Management and Strategic Issues
  23. Measuring Performance and Evaluation in Strategic Management
  24. Types of Control in Strategic Management
  25. Developing Guidelines for Proper Strategic Control
  26. Strategic Issues in Managing Technology and Innovation
  27. Types of and Approaches to Developing Innovative Entrepreneurial Culture
  28. Strategic Issues on Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  29. Strategy for Non-profit Organizations
  30. Role of the Entrepreneur as Strategist
  31. Strategic Management for the Public Sector and Public Finance
  32. Managing Public Funds Strategically
  33. The Relationship of Strategy and Public Budgeting
  34. Other topics related to strategic management
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